Willies952002's store


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My store is open for buisness on I-95 at a new town named Torrington founded by me.

Need items to sell.

I will post what items I have every so often.

Please post if you leave me an item at my shop.

App. Coordinates
Z:-60 or - 660
Not sure


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I can't reLly get on right now but I hopefully will be on later tonight.

In the mean time, can you possibly look please?




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I can't look if I don't have the coords... I have no idea where it is. Give the coords, and I can look for you. ;)


Aroistheconsumer said:
i dont get why no one sets up directly on outside the spawn its a lot easier to get to

Then it is much more likely to be grieved. Though this particular shop may be small, If any shop for that matter were to set up outside spawn It would probably get grieved within a few days, even if it was made out of obsidian ect. Some grievers are just determined and nieve that they will break any blocks to get in (Unless it was made of bedrock or regen)


no i dont mmean build stores i trade my self but i dont build stores, because everyone can meet at the spawn because everyone has spawn teleport thus its easiest to just sell in chat and meet person there for trade