[WIP] Fairytale Falls

Discussion in 'Creative' started by Alaina_Shadow, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. Alaina_Shadow

    Alaina_Shadow New Member

    Fairytale Falls is a kingdom full of all the enchanting spots fairy tale moments can happen

    at least it will be when its finished. i just wanted a thread where i could post pics of things as i finish them. :)
  2. Alaina_Shadow

    Alaina_Shadow New Member

    First up the ice spire Lookout. whether your a villain in need of an imposing fortress to bellow the last strains of your Disney-esque villain song from or a poor girl cursed with ice magic who just wants to be left alone or even if your a stalwart hero needing a place to watch impending doom approach this tower should suit your purposes nicely

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  3. blinx241

    blinx241 Sponsor

    Looks great,
    Can't wait to see it further along :thumbsup:
  4. Alaina_Shadow

    Alaina_Shadow New Member

    Thanks I have big plans!
  5. Tharcyanno

    Tharcyanno New Member

    I can not wait for it :D

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