Wish I could have been there.


You are the student, or the teacher, never both
Looking through the forum, seeing the threads that have been long since posted.
Reading the attempts to save a server on the path of decay.
I know far to well the life of the server which was spoken.

I want you all to remember the good times;
When there were always a few people online even in the dead hours of the night.
When the chat was so active you almost couldn't keep track of your conversations.
Where you would build something epic, or have your friends help you build something epic.
Where you show new and interested players all the cool tips and tricks to minecraft.
Remember the good times we had when the void started eating server and we had to rollback a few days, well maybe not that good of a time for some.

I know it wasn't my fault, but it feels like me having left the server for so long left it that much emptier and for that I can't help but feel sorry.
I just hope everyone who helped make this community as amazing as I remember are doing well.
Now no time for tears, I haven't played in years, I have a lot of catching up to do. ;)