Work needs doing


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Work needs doing on the wiki. Has anyone got some time to help update it (need pages for our new worlds etc)?


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If you want to recruit me now I will be up for the task, just private message me if needed!


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Maybe pages for the legacy worlds as well? Not sure if that's necessary, but if someone's bored, why not?


I'll look into a page for Legacy. I figure just one page with a list of all the worlds is best?

Tomorrow. I'm too tired at 2:00 am to write.


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There is already a Legacy page that lists the worlds. I have moved the pages for Build 4, Spheres, PVP4 and Survival 1 under the legacy page.

Things that need doing:
  • Build page needs an image
  • New clan page (needs to mention key points about clans and link to the simple clans page)
  • New survival page (can base it off the old legacy one)
  • New hardcore page


I can take care of Build and Survival. My knowledge of Clans and Hardcore is lacking to say the least, so I will leave that to someone else.


Alright. Build picture is done, as well as page for new Survival. Someone just needs to put a picture of the new Survival up on the page.


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Went ahead and redid the main worlds page with additional photos. I linked an additional "Legacy" photo to the page PD made, and spheres will be moved in there. My BB-fu is weak though, and I have no idea how to set the formatting back up the way it originally was from the simple BBcode editor. If someone wants to take care of that or tell me how it would be much appreciated.

Placeholder pages for clans and hardcore are up, and I'll try and add details later. Build and Survival now have photos.