"X-Ray" Hacking.


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Hello Minecraft.cc,

I would like to ask a small question on this topic called X-ray.
I saw that you could see in the files that people have X-ray mods.
Can you guys detect X-ray texture packs? Because they're is such a thing, in case you haven't heard of one, I'll show you some pictures later on in the thread. But the main question is can you detect what texture pack one is using?


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No there is no way for the server to detect that. However the most common xray mod uses a command to enable it. Since this command is sent to the server (the mod isn't good enough to stop that happening), we can see who is trying to xray hack with that particular mod from the logs.


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After doing a bit of research into this, it looks like there is actually another x-ray program which doesn't send a command to the server.....But, all a moderator needs to be is intelligent with the Logs, and whenever someone gets a large amount if diamond (or something else rare i guess) in a short amount of time, it's very possible they are cheating.


In most cases I'm guessing the mods ask no matter what if you have a large amount of a resource in a short play time, so I'm guessing thats covered.


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Once an occlusion culling algorithm is implemented on the client, it should theoretically be possible to calculate what blocks should be visible to the player, even on the server. However, this calculation would require too much CPU on the server unless there were only a few players on the server. Technically it could already be done if somebody wrote an occlusion algorithm the server could use. It could be run on a single player at a time, and run for 10-15 seconds and then cycle to another player, that might be enough for the server to know if the player was asking for blocks from the server that it shouldn't need. But this would require the client to be optimized to only ask for blocks that it would be able to see. In fact, now that I think of it the occlusion algorithm could allow clients to request fewer blocks from the server, which would reduce the bandwidth load for both client and server.


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*short version of lordikon's post*

occlusion culling could detect X-ray, but possibly at a performance loss.


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When moderaters can detect anything.When you do something wrong they will know about it.:ninja:

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I think this post should of been posted in the V.I.P. section of the forums... don't want to be giving non-vips any ideas... but most of the hackers are stupid enough not to look at the forums for info. ;)