Year Of The Mad! - My Non-Sensible Money raising Revolution!

Hey people!

Theres a reason I have not been on the server much, and that reason is that I have been.. planning... THIS!

Basically, I am gonna be planning a whole host of mad events to happen locally as I plan them and also worldwide as people get the plan and carry on!

Mission Statement:
2011 is to be the year we stop people being so rational, reasonable, and unleash their inner  madness! We shall plan events, make things, and act totally irrational as we learn that in the end, being sensible is pointless... that being rational is irrational... and that being mad is the way to go, and the way to have real fun!
Crazy events include a picnic for christmas, a film where people around the world do the filming... but never meet... and MORE coming soon!

Got any questions? Ask away!
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Re: Year Of The Mad! - My Non-Sensible Money raising Revolut

Both suscribed to the website and liked the facebook page. I am especially intrigued by the Meta-Film idea. film everything without having a single person meet one another. Sounds like the next Pulp Fiction to me.