You can't find what's out of place!


Turtle Lover
The users computer contains windows vista, an archaic operating system experts believe to have originated circa 2005 A.D.

That and the snow has hardened into ice blocks above no blocks...


Blorby said:
the water aint frozen!!! HACKS!!!
That's not unknown.

EVERYBODY knows that Globey hacks, just nobody has proven it yet.

Looks like this image proves it all though, BANHAMMER! :p


Server Moderator
lrn2tell the difference between XP folder icons and Vista folder icons. Furthermore Vista wasn't even that bad, particularly after SP1 and SP2. Windows 7 was certainly a step in the right direction tho.

RE: Floating snow, I've seen that alot on the server, also saw a floating cactus the other day.