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Mine is Firefox since XP, never went back to IE

however I do like IE9's new feature where u can pin websites to ur taskbar, I use it for Netflix and Pandora...

But I like Firefox because of all the Add-Ons I use and better performance


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Chrome hands down. Pages load way faster than the other two. I'll just load up Firefox or IE when I need something specific from either of the two.


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Firefox but only because of the max concurrent tabs option. I'm kinda lazy at purging open tabs (middle mouse button is evil), so end up with like over 900 tabs (literally). With that setting toggled it only loads the active tab at session start.
I do like chrome for its simplicity and reliability, but I have to use firefox or I start running out of memory with that many tabs open.

Also I technically don't use firefox, I use Nightly 7 x64 (used to be called minefield).