your favorite Movie(s).


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we have had allot of ''your favorit (HerpDerp)'' Threads atm.

somehow we haven't had a favourite movie(s) thread, so I made one!

pleas explain what you find appealing about the film(s)

my example:

gave born to the most epic memes of all time, and also it also featured Greek people, and history(no not all of it was made up)

Indiana Jones the raiders of the lost ark:
One of the best adventure films of all time, and also features one of the most EPIC professors. And for good measure allot of Nazis also died:inlove:.

pirates of the Caribbean the curse of the black pearl:
good humour. Interesting characters. well executed fighting sequences. good story. Great!

Lord Of the Rings (all of em)
Indeed one of the best stories of all time, I honestly cannot find anything negative to say about these movies,

you may agree, or disagree with my opinions, I will (try) to accept that.



It was the original parody, and its humour still holds up today.

The Day After Tommorow
Love apocalypse stories, and this one has a very real scenario.


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V for vendetta:
Best Comic Book film in my opinion

Step Brothers
Most quotable film


Stand By Me
Awesome film

Requiem for a Dream
Best editing I have ever seen in a film

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
I'm a Jason Segal fanatic

SLC Punk
It influenced how I feel about anarachy

I love film


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I'm not terribly keen on most modern films to be honest.

I'd say a few of my favourites are as follows -

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Probably the best Python film, hilariously stupid and inane throughout. It's Monty Python how can you not like it?

Most of the Ealing Comedies - Some of the humour has dated, some of the acting is wooden, the sets leave alot to be desired, but they're solid films.The Lady Killers (1955) is a really good film, and I'd easily urge anyone to watch it over the awful re-make.


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Oh man. Don't watch many movies anymore (last one I saw was True Grit, I think?)
Probably Kung-Fu panda, or 5 centimeters per second.


Addendum: Super 8
This movie had a really good story, and special effects weren't ridiculous. It made sense and the entire movie was a thriller that I thoroughly enjoyed.