Annoying 13 year old.
This server should make a Youtube channel. We could show off some of our community's creations.An example is Oli's eiffel tower. Just it seems like it would be fun to do something along these lines.. anyone agree?


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I think that's a great idea. If you would want to tell anyone about SgtSpike's Minecraft servers, just point them to the channel. They could see buildings, events, etc., and when they come in, they wouldn't be like "Where are the trees?" or something, they'd have a mental image of stuff that's definitely out there, and they would go for it. I mean, that's why they even came.


That'd be a great idea actually, as it could bring more people to the server.

I'll look into making one when my sight is no longer fuzzy and my brain has woken up properly.

I hate mornings.