Zan's Minimap for 1.8


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I saw how Oli created the Zan's Minimap for 1.7.3 that had cavemap disabled...can you create the mod for 1.8 again? I'd really appreciate it :D


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Jared, Im not speaking for Oli, just in general. But since we aren't getting permanent maps until at least 1.9, I don't think there is a reason to spend time updating to 1.8.1. Once 1.9 is out and running on the server, we can work on the separate add ons.


While it would be nice to have it now, we're too close to 1.9 to justify updating it to 1.8.1.


Know of any that work with improved chat mod?

Speaking of which, Oli, once we are stable and you update Zans map, can you make it compatible with Improved Chat mod? Or is that something that wouldn't be possible?


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PD400 check this link the above link to the mini map is compatable with improved chat or so it says in the faq
Q - Is this mod compatible with Improved Chat? Because I got a blackscreen..
A - Yes, it actually is. The overriding abj.class is not necessary when you run this mod via ModLoader. Override problem solved, and it works like a charm.

phi1010, on 08 October 2011 - 10:07 AM, said:

Nice, but could you make a verion compatible to ImprovedChat? abj/GuiIngame has a conflict.

When you use ModLoader, abj/GuiIngame is not necessary. It only puts a zip file on minimap in .minecraft/mods/ folder.

I will let you know if I have any issues with this.


Hrm, am I doing something wrong? I put the contents of ModLoader into my minecraft.jar file after deleting the META-INF folder, and I get a black screen after logging in. I didn't even install any mods yet (Was gonna use the Zan's mod but thats not working yet I guess).

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?