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    We have four active Admins and two retired admins on MinecraftCC, they are individuals who have invested a significant amount of time and effort into the server to make it the fantastic place it is. Admins are listed here and on the staff list.

    Abilities and Restrictions

    ·Admins have red names
    ·They can use all tools available on the server
    ·If you have a complaint these are the people to talk to

    ~Overlord Almighty~
    SgtSpike is the server owner and founder, without him we would not have the community we have. He is committed to doing what is best for the community, meaning our server has been online for five years, and has no intentions of stopping any time soon. He is known for his characteristic saying of 'Merp' and his enormous banhammer. SgtSpike is our leader and everyone likes him!

    ~Has a Family With Internet Hogging Problems~
    eaglestallon, or ‘eagle’ is a very active admin. Eagle’s job is a community administrator, but he also helps out with plugins every once in awhile. He has also adapted the “howdy” phrase. He is constantly complaining about his family hogging the internet. Also, his Minecraft skin is just sand…deal with it.

    ~Second richest player on the server~
    MajorWumpus or 'major' is the most active administrator. He is on the server everyday for hours on end, it is hard to find a time when he is not on the server. Legend says he doesn't sleep but no one can know for sure. Major now hosts the server although SgtSpike is still the owner and overlord.


    ~Pasta lord~
    bmlzootown, or 'bummelz' is our newest administrator. He has taken over the position of forum administrator after DrMadFellow retired. He is on both the forums and the server nearly every day and can be summoned at the mere mention of pasta.

    Retired Admins:

    hacattack3000 (Retired)
    ~The Anti-Hacker~

    hacattack3000, or ‘hac’ is one of the great admins. Hac took over oliverw92’s job as the plugin manager. He is now to blame for the problems on the server. Everything that was broken on the main server, hac fixed and made better caused it. No matter how you say “hello”, he will always respond with a “Howdy”.

    Vargess (Retired)
    ~Comparable to Big Daddy~

    Vargess makes sure our forum is a pleasant place to be. He is responsible for setting out and maintaining our Rules and regulations. He makes sure the mods remember they are mods, not admins.

    dunkeroni (Retired)
    ~Resident Poet~
    A simple melon farmer visiting the server as a guest, dunk has recently been given the power to grant wishes. He can be seen on the forums arguing and reminiscing about players nobody seems to remember. Living off his indentured wealth from other players, he gives large prizes for server treasure hunts. He tries to collect likes by writing strange things about himself on the forums

    DrMadFellow (Retired)

    ~Some Might Say He Is Actually Sane~
    DrMad, as many know him, was promoted to our team of Admins. He was a long time member of our community. A dedicated member, he stepped up and took over Admin. He was our forum administrator and could even be seen in-game every once in awhile!

    oliverw92 (Retired)
    ~Some Say He Thinks Ducks Have Teeth~
    oliverw92, or 'oli' was a plugin creator and Builder of epic things. He worked tirelessly creating many of the custom plugins we run and he was responsible for the daily upkeep and maintenance of our server setup. If something broke it was probably his fault. If it was working, it was his doing. If it was in any state of existence at all, he was responsible.