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  • Aisselle
    ~A Magical Land Where it Never Rains~

    • World: Survival
    • Location: X:-8425 Y:71.6 Z: 19.6
    • Creator(s): WakiMikoArck
    • Transport Links: Unknown
    • Related/Nearby Places: 8 day walk from spawn
    This magical land, built by current Moderator WakiMikoArck. Is the premier safe haven for all VIP members. It has a giant glass covering the top of the Survival hot spot stopping both rain and snow from ruining this beautiful town. Protected by Waki's patented Creeper Gate 1.0, the town is in no danger of being overrun by invading mobs. Lots of open lots are available. Contact WakiMikoArck if you have any questions.