Armor Stand Editor

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  • Armor Stand Editor
    Creative Tool - Boxland only


    Allows players to easily edit armor stand pose and attributes.

    How to use
    1. Hold the editing tool (flint) in your main hand
    2. Left/right click away from an armor stand to open menu
    3. Select the labeled menu options
    4. Left/Right Click the armor stand with the tool in hand to apply those options.

    • Shift+scroll wheel up/down changes axis quickly
    • Remember that when rotating body parts left click rotates one direction and right clicking the armor stand rotates it the opposite way.
    • Coarse adjustment rotates body parts quickly, while fine adjustment allows you fine-tune the position once it is close.
    • When you copy armor stand settings, the tool automatically switches to paste mode
    • Other Armor Stands getting in the way? Press the switch-items key (default F) to target a specific armor stand.