Lobby (Previously The Atrium)

The Lobby is the hub of the entire server. Housing entrances to all the Worlds, it acts as the vital link for people changing between different game modes. Each world has its own portal with a structure that describes what the world is all about.

A copy of the Atrium is currently available for download: Atrium1
(This is a snapshot of the Atrium from 2012. It does not contain the portals to either Flatland Survival or Flatland PVP.)

Current Atrium Portals
  • Games:King Notch by 1337_phreak
  • Survival:Tree of Life by coffeejunky and oliverw92
  • Secret World: ?????????
  • Creative:Creative Crane by oliverw92
  • Build:Eiffel Tower by oliverw92
  • Clans:Skeleton by oliverw92
  • Flatland Survival and Flatland PVP: Flatland Hub by ???
  • Resource World: Village by ???
  • Special Monthly Map: ???????
Mystical Appearance of the Wondrous Nyan Cat
During the month of June in 2011 on an unknown date, the internet-legend Nyan Cat passed over the Atrium. Stunned by the creativity of the buildings it saw, it paused above to take a look. Unfortunately for Nyan Cat, by stopping it got stuck in gravitational orbit and is now forever alone keeping watch over our Atrium. With the new atrium replacing the old, the Nyan cat managed to sneak away while no one was looking, hopefully it's not the last we see of him!

Staff Graveyard by toxic_cow
Follow the magenta path and you find yourself in the eternal resting place of all current and past mods/admins. Feel the chills roll down your spine as you stare into their desolate, terrifying eyes. Disturb their slumber if you dare, but be warned... Their wrath has no limit.
Mar 7, 2015
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