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  • Babylon



    • World: Creative
    • Location: x:-778 y:72 z:2115
    • Creator(s): Marine0r31
    • Transport Links: TRON City Tele-Pad to "Babylon"
    • Related/Nearby Places: Unknown
    A haven from the blistering heat and scorching sun, welcome to "Babylon". Where you'll find great pyramids, hidden catacombs and giant monoliths to pharoh's forgotten.

    Home to the Pharaohs' Challenge. A series of challenges leading though catacombs and secret passages within the Great Pyramids composed of many complex tests of skill, stamina, and logic.

    The building requirements for the city are as follows -
    • Structures should have a Middle Eastern or Egyptian appearance and be aesthetically pleasing.
    • Follow Posted Signs.
    • If you have an idea for a large project, PM Marine05 in forums for a custom plot.
    • There is a limited range of building materials you can choose from.
      • Exterior Building Materials include:
        • Sandstone halfstep/Double sandstone halfstep (43:1/44:1)
        • Sandstone (24)
        • Sand (12)
        • Custom Sandstone (14)
      • Exterior Trim (use Sparingly) Includes
        • Wood Planks (5)
        • Dark Wood Planks (35:12)
        • Copper (73)
        • Light log/ Dark log (17/17:1)