Ban Appeals

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  • Ban Appeals

    Creating Your Ban Appeal

    We hope that you never need to use the information on this page, however should you break any of our server Rules you may find yourself banned. You may choose to post a ban appeal on our forums, the steps below will help you construct your appeal -
    • You should always post your ban appeal in the Ban Appeal sub-forum. Simply click the 'Post New Thread' button to begin your post.
    • First off give your thread a meaningful title. A good example would be 'Ban Appeal for NAME'.
    • Moving onto the body of your appeal, make sure you clearly state your Minecraft in-game name. Without this we cannot process your appeal, which can lead to delays.
    • Explain every detail about what happened, from start to finish. You should know why you were banned (moderators should give a reason within the ban statement). If you do not know, please give the name of the moderator who banned you and the date/time. Short, badly written appeals can cause delays or a permanent ban.
    • Be truthful. It's pretty easy to tell when someone is trying to cover up and make themselves look good. Don't think that the mods don't communicate with each other. If you have the slightest dis-truth in your statement, your chances for having your appeal granted go down dramatically.
    • Be courteous. Admins and moderators have feelings too, you may be frustrated at being banned, but a rude appeal will not help your case.
    • Once you have posted your appeal, please be patient, do not post again minutes after your post complaining that you haven't had a response yet. Do not spam the shoutbox or PM moderators either. All of our ban appeal managers have busy lives as well as helping out in our community. You can expect to have a response from a moderator within 24 hours of posting your appeal. Keep checking back on the thread in case we have to ask you any further questions.
    • Once a moderator or admin has told you that the appeal is under discussion with the mod team, it can take 3-5 days for a decision to be reached. In some complicated cases it can take longer. Remember that the whole mod team will have their say in the decision, so it can take some time to make sure we make the correct decision.
    • Once the moderators have reached a decision you will be told in the thread. The decision we reach is final, if you are told you have been permanently banned spamming the forum will not change our mind and will only result in an IP ban. Remember, bans are like puppies: for life not just for Christmas.
    • If you are unbanned it may take up to twelve hours for you to be unbanned from the server.
    • Shortly after your ban appeal is resolved it will be moved to the 'Resolved Appeals' section by a mod.
    Why Was I Banned?

    If you are a guest member you will be banned if you break any of our server rules. If you are online at the time of the ban you may have been given a warning before being banned. If a moderator warns you do not ignore them! Remember that you may not always be warned as it is at the individual moderator's discretion. If you are a VIP and you have been banned then you have exceeded your three strikes or warnings. Banning a VIP member is not something we take lightly, but we have and will ban those who break our rules. We will not accept 'my friend/brother did it' as an excuse. The security of your account is your responsibility.

    Example of a bad Ban Appeal

    "i got banned i want 2 be unbanned plz thnx."
    "You banned me and its stupid I think your moderators are abusing their powers!!111"
    "This server sucks they ban for no reason."
    "My brother/friend did it, not me!!"

    Any appeal with bad language, rude comments against staff or our server have a very low chance of being accepted.

    Guidance for Those Not Involved in an Appeal

    If you are not a participant, or do not know anything about the case please do NOT post in the threads. It is essential that we have a clean thread so that we may have all the information, and only the information we need to determine whether a ban should be removed or remain in place.

    Secondly, IF you have something to add make sure that it is clearly written and that only information pertaining to the appeal case is posted. Comments about your view on the ban are not needed. If you feel you must share your view and thoughts on the ban, please private message one of the mods/admins involved.