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    Builders are players with build privileges in the Creative world. You do not need to donate to become a builder, just prove that you can build aesthetically pleasing structures in our other worlds. The decision about whether to promote a user to Builder will be taken by the moderator team.

    Abilities and Restrictions

    Builders can Build anywhere that is not already claimed in Creative
    For the full list of Commands and tools available view the Commands and Data Values pages.

    How to Become a Builder
    1. Your application is for you alone, we no longer accept group applications!
    2. No pixel art, we don't accept pixel art as an application as it doesn't show a builder's full potential.
    3. No applications where the main focus is redstone, this doesn't mean you can't use redstone (for example an automatic farm isn't very creative but a castle with secret passageways is).
    4. Create something impressive on any of our other worlds. Please try to put some effort into it, the more impressive it is the more likely your Builder application will be accepted.
    5. Make a thread in the 'Builder Application' section of our forums. This can be found in the Creative sub-forum.
    6. Include pictures of your structure as well as it's co-ordinates (you may find the co-ordinates by pressing F3 in-game and noting down the X, Y and Z values). You can take pictures of your building by pressing F2 in-game, the screenshots are located in the /appdata/.minecraft/screenshots folder. You may post your screenshot in your post using the 'Upload a File' feature of the forums or by uploading them to an imaging hosting site such as imgur. Take your pictures in daylight! APPLICATION MUST HAVE AT LEAST 5 DAYLIGHT PHOTOS!
    7. The moderators will discuss your application and decide whether to grant you builder status.
    8. If accepted you will be upgraded in-game by a moderator or admin. Your thread will be moved to the 'Resolved Applications' section shortly after.
    If You Get Declined
    • It does not mean you will never be able to play on Creative! You just need to practice your building skills. Try copying something in real life to the best of your ability. If it goes wrong, try again.
    • You may re-apply after 1 week (7 days).