Key Info
  • Griefing is not allowed
  • Anyone can build here
  • Follow the guidelines here
  • Has locations on the floor of unbuilt regions
  • Creative mode is enabled
  • No mobs
  • Leaf-decay, ice and snow forming/melting are all disabled
Transport Networks

There are no transport networks in this world, however flying is turned on.


Anyone is free to build in this world, however, it must follow the guidelines above and be part of the real-life University of Oregon. You can find links to view it below.

A 'Community Project'

The map is supposed to be a community project, meaning that we can all contribute to the efforts of the project, and one can continue where another left off, or start a completely new building! That is the beauty of it all - we all work together as a team to create a minecraft replica of a whole university campus!
Feb 29, 2016

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