Note : in the following commands, /clans can be replaced with /c.​
  • /clans - The clans base command
  • /clan create <name> - Create a new clan
  • /clan invite <player> - Invite a player in your clan
  • /clan kick <player> - Kick a player from the clan (you need to be the leader)
  • /clan home - Teleport to your clan home
  • /clan sethome - Set a new home for the clan (only the leader can do this)
  • /clan leave - Leave your clan
  • /clan info <clan> - Get information about your clan, or another one
  • /clan disband - Remove the clan (leader only)
  • When you're in the Clans world, putting a * character before your messages will cause them to be displayed in light blue, and only the members of your clan will be able to see it.
Feb 29, 2016