• Anyone can make a clan
  • Your clan can only be verified if it has over 3 members and has existed for at least 2 days
  • To get your clan verified once it meets the above requirements, make a post HERE stating your clan name
  • Type /clan in-game for a quick list of Commands
  • Map capped at 20k
  • Regular terrain
  • Mobs enabled
  • Once engaged in pvp you cannot use Commands or log out. If you log out during pvp you will be banned for 1 minute and all your items dropped where you logged out. Effect ends after 7 seconds of no pvp combat, or death of your opponent.
  • Clan homes (for verified clans)
  • /clanhome with 10 second warmup
  • /home with 10 second warmup
  • Griefing and stealing allowed
Clans world uses the SimpleClans plugin. Read more about how it all works HERE

Frequently asked questions
Q: What are the Commands? A: Type /clan and read the link above
Q: How do I make a clan? A: Read the link above
Q: How do we get verified? A: Read the link above
Q: I can't use /clan Commands? A: Make sure you're in the Clans world.
Jan 27, 2014
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