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  • Clans


    Key Info
    • Anyone can create a Clan
    • Currently a 4-Character limit on Clan names
    • Clans and its nether are capped at 15,000
    • Regular terrain
    • Mobs enabled
    • The ability to lock chests is disabled
    • Griefing and stealing is allowed in this world
    • Type /clans in game for general clans help

    This world is for all our PVP lovers out there! Join up with your friends, create a clan, and dominate the world in this action-packed play style. Griefing and stealing are allowed in this world, so feel free to march across the world, raiding bases in your wake. Battle both mobs and players as you fight your way across the map! The map is limited to increase the likelihood of epic PVP battles! Or as an alternative, go solo and owe allegiance to no one! Raid Everyone! The decision is yours!