We have implemented a server currency called dollars, and denoted by a $ sign. Not to be confused with actual currency, it can only be earned and used in game on the server.

Earning currency

There are multiple ways you can earn currency, either implemented already or coming soon.

  • Daily Login
Every day you login you will receive some currency. Currently set at $50 per day. You can only receive this once per calendar day.​
  • Voting
Voting has yielded items in the past as a reward. In the near future that will be changed so voting is rewarded with server currency. We will also be adding more sites where you can vote.​
  • Referrals
/refer <name> - sends a request for confirmation to the person you are referring. They must be online at the time. Once they confirm, you and they will receive:
player referring: $200
player that was referred: $100​
In addition, every 5th person you refer is worth $500 instead of the usual $200.​

Currency Commands

Outside of the shops (more below) these are the currency related commands you may need to know.

/bal - check your current balance in currency
/pay <player> <amount> - Transfer <amount> to <player>. You will be asked to confirm this.


There is a new world set up for players to set up their own shops to buy and sell items. See the following pages to learn more:

Shops World
Shops - How To
Dec 3, 2017