Data Values

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  • Data Values

    Here you will find the data values you need. Note that this article only applies to the Creative world. You do not need to know every data value off by heart, as we have a variety of tools to make item spawning easier. For an exhaustive list of Minecraft data values, check out the Minecraft Wiki.

    General Minecraft Data Values

    If a data value has a superscript number next to it, that means you must format it as follows. For example use 44:2 for a wooden halfstep, or 17:2 for a birch log. In addition to this you can also use plaintext names for blocks, for example /i log 64 would give you a stack of logs.
    Re-purposed Blocks in Our Creative Texture Packs
    In order to provide you with what we believe to be the best creative environment, we have re-purposed often unused blocks so that they may be used for detailing and building. In order to see them you need to use one of our Creative texture packs. They are listed below for your convenience -
    • 14 / Gold Ore = Alternate Sandstone With Hieroglyphs
    • 15 / Iron Ore = Stone Column
    • 16 / Coal Ore = Carved Jade
    • 19 / Sponge = Steel Chequer Plate
    • 21 / Lapis Ore = Red Brick
    • 25 / Note Block = Wooden Shelf Decoration
    • 35:12 / Brown Wool = Alternate Dark Wood
    • 44:4 / Brick Halfstep = Thin Brick/Terracotta Tile Halfstep
    • 45 / Brick = Thin Brick/Terracotta Tile
    • 56 / Diamond Ore = Black and White Tiles
    • 73 / Redstone Ore = Thatched Roofing/Shingles
    • 82 / Clay Block = Red Marble
    • 86 / Pumpkin = Fish Tank
    • 87 / Netherrack = Solidified Lava
    • 88 / Soul Sand = Bevelled Stone Slab
    • 91 / Jack-o-Lantern = Wood Lantern
    • 103 / Melon = Pillar topper and decorative floor/ceiling tile
    • 108 / Brick Stairs = Thin Brick/Terracotta Tile Stairs
    • 271 / Wood Axe = Moderator Pencil
    • 275 / Stone Pick = Dooplicator
    • 285 / Gold Pick = Insta-Break Pick for VIP+
    • 289 / Sulphur = Moderator Wand
    • 341 / Slime Ball = Paintbrush
    • 351:1 / Red Dye = Red Key
    • 351:10 / Lime Dye = Green Key
    • 351:11 / Yellow Dye = Yellow Key
    • 351:12 / Light blue Dye = Blue Key
    • 352 / Bone = Data Scroll Wrench
    Other Tools to Spawn Items
    As well as using /i or /give you may also use the following tools -
    • /more- turns the item in your hand into a stack of 64
    • /mimic [radius] - puts a stack of each item in a specified or 35 block radius around you into your inventory - This is useful when you are in a city that has restricted building materials as it should give you a stack of each allowed material
    • Using the Dooplicator (Stone Pick/275). Simply right click any non-restricted block and you will recieve a stack of that item instantly.
    • You can use the Data Scroll Wrench (Bone/352) to cycle through wool colours or stair orientations. A single stack of white wool can be used for every colour using this tool.