Welcome to MinecraftCC! We're glad to have you with us, and hope you enjoy your time as a member of our community. Here's a few of the things that set us apart from many of the other MC servers out there.

  • 10 unique worlds with separate play experiences : Build, Creative, Resource, Survival, Skyblock, CityBuilder, Games, Clans, Flatlands, Hardcore!
Further details can be found about each world under its wiki page. Each world is easily accessible from a central Lobby.

  • A dedicated, professional mod team
Server moderators are chosen based on trust, maturity, and a heartfelt desire to help their fellow community members. Mods are always willing to help fellow players out, and chances are, you will always see a moderator (or many!) on while you're playing.

  • Preservation of the vanilla Minecraft experience
Our server is Minecraft "as Notch intended it" with a few exceptions. No mods, hacks, /kits or /give commands allowed. Everything is built with legitimately acquired materials, except in the creative world. VIPs are given some extra perks such as public warps and there are moderation and anti-grief tools in place.

  • A world-class server
Ours is a proper server, hand-built for the specific task of running Minecraft, and owned by SgtSpike. It's not owned by a Minecraft server company, or simply someone's side project on an old computer.

  • Truly original setup
Our server doesn't just run on Bukkit, but also custom plugins coded by our own team. We have awesome features, both obvious and hidden, that won't be found anywhere else. All this amounts to a truly unique Minecraft experience.
May 2, 2017

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