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  • Flatlands
    The world may be flat, but it sure packs a punch...


    Key Info
    • Same general server Rules (as in Build/Survival)
    • World border set at 25,000
    • No Nether/End Worlds (supplemented with custom content)

    What are the Flatlands?
    The Flatlands are a custom-generated map created by our very own forum Admin, bmlzootown. What it lacks in Nether/End worlds is easily made up for by the additional content written specifically for this world. Find an item/block that you think is unobtainable (within reason)? Think again! Most blocks/items are can be obtained via smelting, crafting, or by other means. Don't be fooled, however... This world has its fair share of secrets. The question is, can you find them all? For more info, see Flatlands Explained.