Forbidden City

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  • Forbidden City

    ~The Official Build VIP City~


    • World: Build
    • Location: /warp forbiddencity
    • Creator(s): coffeejunky, oliverw92
    • Transport Links: A free train station in the West of the city provides a scenic trip to the city municipal mining and resource collection area. Iron donations for the upkeep of the railway can be left in a chest at the station
    • Related/Nearby Places: oliverw92's dam and river can be seen near to the city border.

    Forbidden City is the official VIP only city for the build world. The city mayor is coffeejunky, with oliverw92 filling the role of Lady Mayoress. The city is large and has many plots, notable buildings include the Parish Church, a giant workbench, a riverside cafe, SgtSpike's real life house, two giant farm animals and many more interesting buildings. There are strict building regulations for building in the city, which can be found in the construction office, there you can also find the community message board. Visitors are welcome, however guests are reminded that they must not remove resources from around the city area. Furthermore, buildings must be constructed only in marked plots. If you would like a plot, contact coffeejunky or oliverw92 ingame.