Games World

Key Info
  • The fun world! Go here to play a friendly game of CTF or spleef with your friends
  • No building or mining
  • Permanently daylight
  • No mobs or animals
  • Nether portals disabled
  • Dispenser signs provide required materials free of charge

Looking for a quick game among friends? Then our Games world is the place to be! Currently sporting 9 different diversions, there's certain to be something there that matches your tastes. So here's the rundown:

  • Capture the Flag - Join either Team Gold or Team Diamond in a fierce battle for your enemy's flag. Each player begins with the same inventory, and a varied, strategic playing field promises no two games will be alike.
  • Aperture Science Laboratories - It's Portal! In Minecraft! Play through 10 challenging chambers that are sure to test both your intellect, and your intuition.
  • Spleef - You won't find a more enjoyable game of spleef anywhere else! With our plugins, you don't even need to be in the Games world to join a game. From any world, you can type /join spleef 1/2 to join the same arena as your friends.
  • Ice Hockey - Always wondered what it would be like to effortlessly glide over the ice, while beating your fellow players upside the head? Play hockey!
  • Impossible Maze - Not impossible, but incredibly difficult. You will get lost. Find the exit though, and a Moderator will gladly add your name to the wall of winners!
  • Archery - Test your marksmanship skills!
  • Volleyball - Finally, a real use for slimeballs! Like real beach volleyball, except without the risk of sunburn or angry crustaceans hidden underfoot.
  • Parkour Tower - A tall tower like structure with one goal, make it to the top via a series of jumping obstacles.
  • Pirates - Experience the joy of having an epic naval battle in your own backyard! Join the crew of either the Blue team, or the Red team, and blow your foes to kingdom come with TnT!
  • PVP Arena - PvP in its purest form. It's you, your opponent, and two swords. Do battle in an epic struggle of blocky proportions, with both sides on equal footing.
  • Pharaohs' Challenge - Test your wits in the most complex compilation of puzzles and challenges to be built in Minecraft! Do you have what it takes?
Feb 3, 2014

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