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  • Hardcore
    Have You Died Yet?


    Rules and info for Hardcore:
    • No Griefing
    • No Stealing
    • No Trespassing
    • No Exploiting
    • No Swearing
    • No Hacking
    • No Modded Clients
    • Respect Everyone
    • World border set at 15,000.
    • Hac is to blame for every time you die
    What is Hardcore?
    Have you gotten tired of the easy life in Survival? Looking for an added challenge in Minecraft? If so, the Hardcore world is for you! This world has been modified to be our most challenging world yet. Many aspects of Minecraft life have been changed to be more realistic, or just challenging, in this world. The Moderation Team would like to emphasize that This world is difficult! You will die in this world, but that's part of the challenge! There is no list of how many differences there are between vanilla Minecraft and this world. You must find out all of the differences and work to conquer the land here.

    Good Luck, you'll need it!