Las Vegas

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  • Las Vegas

    ~Bright Lights City~


    • World: Build
    • Location: /warp lasvegas
    • Creator(s): oliverw92, coffeejunky
    • Transport Links: An abandoned railroad encircles the resort
    • Related/Nearby Places: Near to old Spawn

    Las Vegas is one of the oldest structures on the Build map. The Las Vegas sign is the most notable landmark, this was constructed by coffeejunky with some help from oliverw92 and contains over 4 stacks of iron blocks and 2 stacks of gold blocks. Lava provides lighting to really give the sign the neon Las Vegas look. Other notable landmarks include Mr Wobbly the ballistic missle, a replica Eiffel Tower, a Sphinx and Luxor, and obsidian pyramid cast entirely in situe.