Light Weight Chest Protection (LWC)

Due to the unavoidable issue of stealing that occurs on all Minecraft servers, we have a chest protection plugin called LWC (or Light Weight Chest Protection). LWC has the ability to not only protect your trapped and regular chests, but it can also privatize furnaces and dispensers along with most other blocks you can think of that need protecting. The great thing about LWC is that, for the basic user, it is simple to use. Simply placing a chest (regular or trapped), hopper, furnace, or dispenser will make it private. ​

Unlike our previous chest protection plugin, there are quite a few commands when dealing with the more advanced features of LWC. Some basic commands can be listed in game with the /lwc command:​



General Info
  • /lwc - Lists available commands related to locking chests and other lockable blocks.
  • /cinfo or /lwc info - Displays information about any locked block: owner, protection type, other players with admin or ordinary access to the block.
  • /climits - Displays how many LWCs you have used out of your limits (there are no limits).
Create a Protected Block
  • /cpublic or /lwc create public - Creates a public protection so the block can be used by anyone, but cannot be modified, locked or destroyed by anyone other than the owner.
  • /cprivate [user names] or /lock [user names] - Creates a private protection so the block can only be accessed by the owner and named users, and cannot be destroyed by anyone other than the owner.
  • /cpassword [password] or /lwc create password [password] - Creates a password protection so the block can only be accessed by players using the password, and the block cannot be destroyed by anyone other than the owner.
  • /cdonation - Creates a protection on a chest so that it can be used for donations (players other than the owners can put items into the chest but can't take them out)
  • /cpersist or /lwc persist - Causes the next LWC command to persist. Following this with a create command, for example, would allow you to mass-create the same protection on a number of blocks. Repeat command to cancel persist.
Managing Protection
  • /cunlock [password] - Accesses a password-protected block using the password. Right click on block, type password, then right click again to use block.
  • /cmodify [protection type] <password> - Changes the protection type to the target type (public, private or password).
  • /cmodify [user names to be added] –[user names to be deleted] - Modifies the user list on a private protection to add or delete users. (players with the @ symbol in front of their name gain complete control over the user list and ability to destroy the block)
  • /lwc flag [name] [on/off] - Flags: redstone, magnet, exemption, autoclose, allowexplosions, hopper
  • /lwc mode persist [on/off] - When enabled, you can apply a single command to multiple protected blocks, by clicking several blocks in a raw.
Removing Protection
  • /unlock or /cremove - Removes a protection that you own from a block. Keep in mind that anyone will be able to remove the block, or even set their own protection on it!
  • /cremoveall - Removes all your LWC protections.
Commands obtained from LWC github page.
Feb 29, 2016
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