Mayan Challenge

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  • Mayan Challenge


    • World: Games
    • Creator(s): Marine03
    • Transport Links: Located Northeast of Games Spawn
    • Related/Nearby Places:
    The most complex compilation of puzzles and challenges to be built in Minecraft. From parkour, to mazes, puzzles, and even marksmanship, this will challenge even the most skilled Minecrafters. Challenge yourself to complete this amazing challenge as quickly as possible to have your name forever listed in the pharaohs hidden chamber.​
    • Be sure to empty your item bar in chest near the entrance before beginning. You will need all of the item slots.
    • Respect players ahead of you, and give them space. Challenge rooms are designed for use by one player at a time.
    • If you complete the challenge, inform Marine03 or another Moderator and a sign can be placed with your name and time taken.
    • Be sure to open chest at the entrance and in the final chamber so your time can be confirmed.