Moderator Rank

Moderators help to ensure our community stays a friendly and enjoyable space to play. We ensure that our Moderators are held accountable for their actions and that they have no significant advantage over our other players. If you have any issues or suggestions while you are on the server feel free to mention it to a Moderator. You can contact our Moderators in-game or on the forums. A full list of our retired and current moderators are on the Staff List.

Abilities and Restrictions
  • Moderators have green names
  • Moderators can kick, ban and mute players
  • If a moderator is talking to you do not ignore them, or else you may be penalized.
  • Moderators should be respected, they are not paid for their services and often have other commitments in-game and in real life
  • A Mod can tell you who griefed your structure and punish those responsible. They will not tell you who griefed your structures on PvP Worlds!
  • Selected Moderators can rollback any griefing or terraform for you in the Creative world.
  • Have an awesome structure you'd like to share with the community? Ask a mod and they will be happy to create a warp for you. Anyone can request a warp.
  • Level 1 moderators have light green names and limited abilities. Level 1 moderators are generally new mods who are learning to use the available tools.
  • Level 2 moderators have dark green names and have access to major moderator tools (this is generally the most common type of moderator).
  • Level 3 moderators also have dark green names with a plus & have all the tools available to a moderator, this includes rolling back grief, un-banning players & access to Voxel Sniper/World Edit (in Creative world only).
Becoming a Mod
  • If you would like to be a Moderator applications are currently being handled by the moderator JooBallz. There is no age limit, but it is unlikely that you'll get accepted under the age of 13, 18 being recommended. You can also apply if a current moderator invited you to do so.
  • If you feel you or anyone else has been overlooked feel free to PM a mod about it.
  • To be a mod, you must be a mature and responsible member of the community. It also helps if you have been on our server for some time.
  • You need to be willing to be an active member of our forum community as well as in-game.
  • Being a mod means you will have much less free time to work on your own projects, bear this in mind before committing.
Jul 11, 2015