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      Armor Stand Editor
      Bottomless Chest
      Head Database
      Build v4
         Flying Scotsman Train
         Forbidden City
         Grave Yard
         Las Vegas
         Olympus Cove
         Oriental Xpress
      Legacy Hardcore
      PVP v4
      Spheres (Outdated)
      Survival v1
         Sky Castle
      Rei's MiniMap
         Data Values
   Public Warps
      Ban Appeals
      TeamSpeak Help Videos
      TeamSpeak Rules
      Finding Screenshots
      Invisible Blocks
      Obsidian & Lava
         Lost Land
         TRON City
         World Tree
         Flatlands Explained
         King of the Ladder
         Mayan Challenge
      Nether Worlds
      Shops World
      The End Worlds
      VIP Vaults
      Bitcoin Information
      World Maps
  • Moderator Rank

    Moderators help to ensure our community stays a friendly and enjoyable space to play. We ensure that our Moderators are held accountable for their actions and that they have no significant advantage over our other players. If you have any issues or suggestions while you are on the server feel free to mention it to a Moderator. You can contact our Moderators in-game or on the forums. A full list of our retired and current moderators are on the Staff List.

    Abilities and Restrictions
    • Moderators have green names
    • Moderators can kick, ban and mute players
    • If a moderator is talking to you do not ignore them, or else you may be penalized.
    • Moderators should be respected, they are not paid for their services and often have other commitments in-game and in real life
    • A Mod can tell you who griefed your structure and punish those responsible. They will not tell you who griefed your structures on PvP Worlds!
    • Selected Moderators can rollback any griefing or terraform for you in the Creative world.
    • Level 1 moderators have light green names and limited abilities. Level 1 moderators are generally new mods who are learning to use the available tools.
    • Level 2 moderators have dark green names and have access to major moderator tools (this is generally the most common type of moderator).
    • Level 3 moderators also have dark green names with a plus & have all the tools available to a moderator, this includes rolling back grief, un-banning players & access to Voxel Sniper/World Edit (in creative world only).
    Click here to apply today!