Olympus Cove

Olympus Cove
Olympus Cove
~For a higher grade of living~


  • World: Build
  • Location: /warp Olympus
  • Creator(s): PD400, MCxMammer, blorby
  • Transport Links: None
  • Related/ Nearby Places: Unknown
Located over 10,000 blocks from spawn, Olympus Cove is located in -and around- a lake surrounded by mountains. It is a VIP and up village, meaning Guests are not allowed to build here, for the sanctity of our residents. With plots available on both the mountains and land below, visitors and residents alike can be sure that they will find a great place to lounge their days away in leisure. With limited rules, your creativity is allowed to shine and make amazing houses, structures, and creations!
Sep 22, 2011