How to Get Started

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  • How Do I Get Started?

    A Step-by-Step Guide

    How to get Minecraft:
    Our Server is a Minecraft Server, therefore you need to have a Minecraft account before you may join and play. If you don't have a Minecraft account, you can purchase one here. This payment is not a VIP donation, and MinecraftCC (This Server) does not receive a cent of the money paid for your account. Minecraft was created by Mojang and therefore all new accounts are purchased through them. Do you already have a Minecraft account? If so, skip down to " Creating a Forums Account"


    This is the first page you should see when you go to here. You need to click the big "Get Minecraft" button, which will then take you to a new page.


    That site continues along a step-by-step process to create your new Minecraft Account! Once you have your shiny new account, make sure you download the correct version of Minecraft for your computer. Afterwards just stroll on back here and create your Forums account.

    How to Create your Forums Account:

    First, open a new tab in your internet browser. Type in, your page should look something like this:

    cc homepage.png
    Now click the "Log in or Sign Up" button. You should then see:

    signup cc.png

    Make sure the " No, create an account now." button is selected, and fill in your email address. If you do not have an email address, you may get one for free through many reputable websites, such as Yahoo, Gmail or Outlook.

    Tutorial for Yahoo.

    Tutorial for Gmail.

    Tutorial for Outlook.

    Once you have created and/or filled in your email address, click "Sign Up". You should now see this page:

    signuppage cc.png
    Now go ahead and fill out the boxes and read the terms and rules. When you are finished, select the "I agree to the Terms and Rules" then click "Sign Up" again. You should now be on this page:

    email confirm.png
    Once you have confirmed your email, then your Account is official! Congratulations you have just made your new MinecraftCC Forums Account! First you should read our Rules wiki page, to know what is allowed and what is not allowed, then there are several different routes you can take.
    • Want to introduce yourself to the community and make some new friends? Make a thread here!
    • Have you been banned? Need to make an Appeal? Read our Instructions and then make a thread here!
    • You can also surf around the forums checking out the many different sections we have for all sorts of different topics!
    When you have finished checking out our forums, you are now ready to join the Minecraft server! Find where you saved your Minecraft download on your computer. Click it, you should then see a page that looks similar to this:


    Now the server is currently running on the latest version, so you may need to click the "Edit Profile" button in the bottom left hand corner. A new window should pop up, and you need to click the drop-down box that says "Use version:" then scroll down until you see the correct option, and click on it. An example is shown below. Now you can close that window, and click the big "Play" button.


    Once Minecraft has loaded up, you should see the Main menu! On this screen you need to click the "Multiplayer " option. On the Multiplayer options, you should see a button labelled "Add Server". Click it! Then fill in the information shown below.


    Afterwards you should see this on your multiplayer screen:


    Congratulations! You can now join MinecraftCC's Minecraft Server!