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All users now have access to pets. They can be captured and will travel with and assist the player. Pets can be trained up to level 50 and will gain skills and abilities, more health, faster healing, stronger attacks, and more. Not all pets have all abilities, please see the individual descriptions for each pet type for more information.

How to get a pet

Head to the Shops world (/shops) and you will see a Pet Vendor. Right click the vendor to buy the permissions you are interested in. Note that you are not buying pets, you are buying the ability to capture pets. So say you purchase the permission to capture a zombie, you still have to go, find one, meet the requirements and capture it.

Use /pettype <mob type> to see the requirements for that type. You can capture a mob by left clicking on it with a leash once the requirements are met. You will see a message saying that the mob has been captured and it will immediate be replaced with your new pet. You can only have one active pet at a time, so if you have a pet with you, store it (see below) before trying to capture a new one.

After capturing a new pet, do /pcst and choose the skill tree. Each mob only has one choice but you still have to set it.

Controlling your pet

Pets come with different settings for behavior. Initially your choices for behavior are limited, new options are added as the pet's level increases. The behaviors are:
  • Friendly - will not attack no matter what
  • Normal - will not attack but if you attack or are attacked will join in the fight
  • Farm - will attack any hostile mobs within 15 blocks of owner
  • Aggressive - will attack any mob within 15 blocks of owner
  • Duel - will attack other pets (also set to duel) within 5 blocks
You can set the behavior for your pet with /petb <behavior>.
All pets also come with a "control" skill. This means that while the behavior is set to normal, you can hold a leash in your main hand and right click an animal to order the pet to attack it, or right click a spot on the ground to tell it to move there.

Feeding your pet

Pets gradually get hungry and need to eat. /petinfo will tell you what they need to eat. A hungry pet will be less effective in combat. Feeding your pet also will heal some of the damage they may have taken.

What if my pet dies?

If your pet is defeated, it will disappear and will automatically respawn after a delay.


/pettype <mob> - gives info about that mob type and capture requirements
/petinfo - shows information about your active pet
/petskill - shows the skills your active pet currently has
/petbehavior or /petb - set your active pet's behavior
/petstore - stores your active pet
/petswitch - Allows you to summon one (replacing your current one if one is active)
/petname - change your pet's name. You can include color/formatting tags:
<black>, <darkaqua>, <darkblue>, <darkgreen>, <darkred>, <darkpurple>, <gold>, <gray>, <darkgray>, <blue>, <green>, <aqua>, <red>, <lightpurple>, <yellow>, <white>, <magic>, <bold>, <strikethrough>, <underline>, <italic>, <reset>​
/petrelease - releases your currently active pet. It's gone.
/petcall - calls your active pet to your location
/petsendaway or /psa - send your pet away but leave it active, use /petcall to bring it back.
/pettrade [accept, reject, cancel, or <player>] <price>
You can offer your current pet to another player for a set price.
They can accept or reject your offer. If you change your mind you can cancel the offer (until they accept).
Ownership of the pet changes hands if accepted, including current level and skills and anything in inventory.
Pet Types

These are the mob types currently available, more will be added as time goes on. See the page for each specific type for more information:
  • Skeleton
  • Zombie
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