PreciousStones Plugin

PreciousStones Plugin

VIPs and Sponsors can make use of PreciousStones on the server.

First of all here is the link to the official site of the plugin.

What Is PStones?
PStones is a plugin from one of the many developers over at the Bukkit forums. It is a plugin designed for PvP servers, the focus is anti-grieving and or controlled grieving. This is achieved through the placement of Precious Stones (PStones). Each PStone (referred to as "stones" from now on) have a specific type of field that they emit. On our server two types of fields are employed.

Force Field
The "Force Field" is a field that cannot be passed through by any players except those you want to pass through. Our server uses a diamond block for this field.

City Protection
The "City Protection" is a field that does not allow the breaking or placing of blocks. It also has a configurable welcome and farewell message. Our server uses a jukebox for this field.

City Plot
The "City Plot" is a field that can be used to give players plots inside "City Protection" fields.

Getting Started With PStones
Your first step will be to acquire the stones for the field you desire. As stated above you'll need diamond blocks and jukeboxes to create your fields. So for a force field you will need to acquire 9
diamonds and for a jukebox one diamond. Your next step will be placing and distributing the stones.

Details Of The Different Fields

Diamond Block - Force Field
The diamond block has a default field of 13x13x13. This field is able to be expanded to cover a total of 2197 blocks. Any block protected by this field no players but those you add to the allowed list will be able to stand on that block.

Jukebox - City Protection
The jukebox block has a default field of 25x17x25. This field is able to be expanded to cover a total of 15625 blocks. Any block within the protection will stop players ,unless you allow them, from modifying the block in anyway.

Hay Block - City Plot
The hay block has a default field of 9x9x9. Any block within the protection will stop players ,unless you allow them, from modifying the block in anyway, This field can only be placed inside city protection fields.

How To Use PStones
First of all I'd like to start this section of by saying I learned all of this information from the site I linked earlier. I did not read every bit of information, once I could achieve my desired goals I stopped reading. The following information maybe be the tip of the iceberg for all I know but it is enough to get you started.

Then after you enter that enter
/ps more
These two commands will be a great help!

Note: In the following sections ______ represents a players name

Allowing Others In
Go to the stone that is creating the field you wish a person to be allowed into. Right click that stone then type "/ps allow _____".
You can alternatively allow a person into all your fields by using "/ps allowall ___"
"/ps remove ___" and "/ps removeall ___" will undo these actions.

Expanding Your Fields
While in sneak mode and holding a tool left click the stone creating the field you want to expand. Your block should turn into glass. Sometimes it stays glass sometimes it shows as glass then reverts to the original block. In my experience it doesn't matter as long as "you are in drawing mode" appears.
Once you are in drawing mode any block you left click the field will expand to include it inside of itself. Unless the block is too far out and exceeds the maximum number of protect-able blocks. You do no need to be able to actually touch the block. Think of it as shooting a gun and where the bullet hits is where the field will expand too.
To undo an expansion sneak and right click
To close the field sneak and left click.
You can combine multiple stones into a single field. Simply open the field you want to expand upon and then place the same type of stone adjacent to the stone you just opened.

Helpful Hints
    • You can see what your field is protecting by typing "/ps visualize"
    • Grouping multiple fields into a single one can be convenient but you may also end up protecting a lot of blocks that you don't really need too.
    • You can change the name of your field with "/ps setname ______"
    • You can disable or enable the welcome/farewell messages by right clicking the stone, then typing "/ps toggle welcome-message" or "/ps toggle farewell-message"
I'm pretty sure I left some things out, feel free to leave some feedback and I'll add it in. Hopefully this guide helps some people better understand and better utilize the PStones plugin. It is a great plugin but can be tricky to master.

Good luck and enjoy your newly protected land!
Feb 6, 2014