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  • PVP World

    Legacy Worlds are no longer available in-game.
    A copy of PVP v4 is currently available for download: PVP v4

    Key Info
    • Griefing and Stealing are allowed!
    • This world is now in Legacy, only VIPs and above can build here!
    • Factions are enabled on PVP. Read about them here: Factions
    • No mobs
    • 'Legit' world - you must mine and trade for all your resources
    • Map is limited to 2500 in each direction from the spawn
    • Nether portals are disabled
    • SignTrader signs at Spawn allow you to exchange Iron for mob and Nether materials

    Do you like violence? Do you enjoy crushing your enemies underfoot? Does the thought of betraying your allies and taking all of their hard earned items make you salivate? Then we have the world for you! PvP is all this and more. Whether you prefer working with others, or playing the lonewolf, our pvp map has you covered.

    The factions plugin allows groups of players to form war-bands, claim territory, make a base and declare war on other factions in-game. Work together with your allies to claim your enemies land and conquer their base, but always remember: an ally today is an enemy tomorrow.

    Don't like sharing the loot? Set up your own hidden base somewhere! Our map is a 2500 radius in each direction from spawn. This is small enough to keep the action fast paced, but large enough that there is wilderness everywhere; a perfect size for keeping your loot hidden.

    So come on down, and join us on PvP! Keep your sword sharp, your bow drawn, and a constant eye on the horizon.