This World is Reset at the Beginning of Every Month!


Key Info
  • NO Griefing and Stealing!
  • No damage.
  • No mobs.
  • 'Legit' world - you must mine and trade for all your resources.
  • Strip mining, chunk mining, and open pit mining are all allowed here.
  • Inventory is shared with Survival and Build.
  • DO NOT STORE ITEMS IN RESOURCE. It is reset every month, and you will lose your items if you store them there when it is reset.
  • No public warps, but private warps are okay!
  • Do not mine in another player's mine.
  • World border set at 10,000
This world is for gathering resources or mining for satoshi. Strip mining, chunk mining, pit mining, or otherwise spoiling the appearance of the other world is prohibited, but we understand the need for them sometimes. Hence the creation of the Resource world! This world is heavily mined for all sorts of resources, and is reset monthly to keep it fresh for all of our players.

Oh hey, it's also reset monthly. I said that, right?
Apr 25, 2016

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