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    Player Rules

    LAST UPDATED January 25, 2018 by Eaglestallon

    Watch your language and topics, be respectful! This a public family-oriented, G-Rated server. We have younger members who play on our server. Typing a word out takes an effort! You CAN avoid saying it! This includes but is not limited to cursing, sexual based discussion, drug based discussion (including alcohol), harassment/bullying, spamming the chat, and any foul language replacement tools, such as using **ck instead of the actual word.
    PS: This rule also applies to player names. Player names that are inappropriate will be banned, even if said player may have done nothing wrong. However we will attempt to communicate with this person to arrange a name change first.
    No griefing, stealing, hacking, or glitching!
    Client mods such as flying, or mining mods are NOT allowed! These are ban-able offenses and we are actively searching these out! Transparent Texture Packs or x-ray hacks of any kind are not allowed either! Stealing and griefing is allowed in PVP based worlds, and will usually be explicitly stated in their spawn areas.

    Glitching; (ie: block-jumping out of the Games world or Lobby) is a warning offense. Accumulate 3 warning and you are banned for 24 hours. Continue to persist in these actions after receiving many warnings and you will be banned.
    Permanently Banned Players:

    If a member has been permanently banned from our community, regardless of player level (VIP etc) or otherwise, ALL items belonging to this member including chests in the worlds and if they have a vault will be deleted immediately.
    NOTE: Do not ask for any of these items, they will not be given out to anyone.
    Shared Vaults / Inventory:

    If you had a shared vault or shared inventory with the banned member, take note that the banned member's vault will be deleted instantly. Store items in other members' vaults at your own risk! We will NOT take responsibility for sorting items that belong to you. One possible solution is to only allow access, and not storage space. Keep your items seperate.
    If the banned member had any structures that you are interested in taking over, you may do so by claiming the structure. To do this, you must place a sign to signify a change in ownership and notify the Mod Team.
    We will not reverse any work that member has done on the server unless it is against any of our rules. If you built something with that member, your structure is safe.
    Build pretty stuff.

    Please note that useless and ugly block placements will not be allowed, especially on the creative map! If you need to strip-mine a resource at the surface (such as sand), please use the resource world to avoid cluttering up the build and survival maps. Otherwise, you may mine however you like except on creative, where even mining must be kept clean, purposeful, and pretty.
    If you are suspected of botting, you very well be permanently banned from the server. For this reason, pay attention to chat, and if you are frozen by a moderator, respond to them if they ask you a question! Botting includes anything that makes your character perform actions while you are away from your computer. If you are away from your computer, your character should be doing nothing but standing.
    Our server is a legitimate server.
    Everything on the Worlds (excluding Creative) have been built with 100% hard work. We do NOT spawn items, tools, weapons, or anything else for people. As of the time of the post we no longer will replace items lost to lag or server error. Sorry.
    Be respectful.
    Treat other players as you would want to be treated. When a Moderator and/or Admin asks you to do something or answer a question, please comply and follow all directions given.
    Do not disrespect the Moderator Team on our server.
    They have all rights and authority to check up on you to see what you are doing, regardless of where you are located. This is part of the list of tasks the team is given to ensure we have a safe and secure server.
    Voice Chat.
    We use a Discord server for voice communication while gaming. Be sure you understand that the same rules apply on this server as they do for our game server. Respect, language, and treat others as you would prefer to be treated. You can and will be banned for inappropriate behavior!
    No Advertising.
    Advertising other Minecraft servers, Minecraft communities, or referral linking (where the referrer gets a bonus for signups) of any kind is NOT allowed in-game or on the forum. If you are caught doing it you WILL be banned. It is fine to give out an address via private message so long as it is between two agreeing parties and not randomly messaged to people. (To clarify to the extreme, this means if player a goes: "Hey eaglestallon, give me the address to your private server". I can then message him the address privately. However me joining and saying "Who wants to join my private server! Pm Me!" would still be against the rules.
    No political or religious discussions allowed. This includes forum avatars as well. One exception to this rule is the building of churches in-game, just because they can end up making for builds that are quite beautiful. The purpose of this rule is to avoid disagreements related to these topics.
    Rules Regarding Mob Farms: This should clarify.
    TNT USE: Tnt is restricted to 35 active explosions at a time. Breaking of this rule constitutes a temporary ban at moderator discretion (or 1 vip strike), repeated offenses will end in your permanent ban, without appeal.
    Minimaps: Rei's MiniMap is allowed, Zan's (voxel map) is allowed too so long as you do not use the cave mapping feature. We do not allow the use of MiniMaps which show you underground locations, player information (such as their icon approaching you), Chest icons, Mob Locations, or any feature that gives you an unfair advantage/helps you steal and grief.

    Land Claims
    All unbuilt land claims must be clearly marked with a border defining the outline of your land. The border must be two blocks high or a one block high fence to prevent people from entering the claim, except through designated entryways (doors/doorways/etc). Each side of the border must be marked by signs at least every 100 blocks.

    A built land claim is one on which it is obvious the land is in use for a project. For example, if I built the first two blocks in height of my new castle's floorplan, it would be obvious that the land within the castle is in use for a project, and I could thus take down my land claim fence.

    Towns may create their own rules for land claims, to prevent the town from becoming ugly due to walls on unbuilt claims. For example, a town may mark out plots, and create a rule for claiming that only a sign is needed to claim a plot. These rules must be clearly displayed within the town, and players must abide by them.

    All claimed land within the VIP build sections surrounding spawn must be utilized within 30 days of claiming. If land is not utilized people will be able to contact staff to assist in unclaiming portions of your land for their own building projects. Your land claim can only be reduced to a minimum of 20x20, as such you should mark off what portion you would want to keep if you will be unable to play.

    For example, say I want to build on this plot of land next week:

    Today, I would build a simple cobblestone border wall, 2 blocks high, around the perimeter that I wish to build in:

    Next week, I start to build it out:

    Now I can remove whatever land claim wall remains while I finish up the build:


    Moderation Contract (Last Update: Oct. 7th 2013)

      • No Mod Abuse. Moderator tools such as WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, rollbacks, kicking, muting, teleporting, and the compass are NOT to be abused. Kicking or muting someone without cause is a no. Using WorldEdit and VoxelSniper outside of creative is a no unless you are repairing grief with it. This is a NO_TOLERANCE policy effective at the time of this topic being posted, By agreeing to these rules you understand that if you are found to be abusing your tools you will be removed from the moderation team without any warning at Admin discretion.The golden rule: If a regular player/vip/sponsor cannot do it, ask yourself if what you are about to do is related to moderation. If it is not then do not do it. (This does not apply to specific moderator perks such as the compass, and any future perks that are explicitly stated to be okay to use.)

      • Have a Thick Skin. Moderators need to remain calm and helpful during intense situations to avoid panic in the community. Keeping your cool and a level head even when someone is being very disrespectful towards you is a must. Don't let the little things get to you. If you absolutely cannot handle the way a person is prodding you, remember that you are not obligated to help people who are rude to you, and also you can pass the problem onto another staff member if the situation has made you uncomfortable.

      • Don't Assume. Just because someone is standing in front of a burnt down house with a flint and steel in their hands, doesn't mean they burnt it down. ALWAYS check your logs to confirm that they are indeed the person that did the griefing. Also, check to see if they've already been handled by another mod previously to see what action needs to be taken now. Remember to /log and when in doubt get another mod's opinion.

      • Don't Ban Without Probable Cause. We cannot ban someone on suspicion alone. If you think they might be x-ray hacking or might be a griefer, get solid proof and evidence FIRST before even considering the ban. Ban appeals where we don't have any evidence at all look bad. ALL BANS (except for temporary bans) MUST BE POSTED IN THE BAN LIST.

      • VIP Members Have Strikes. Please do NOT perma-ban VIP members. VIP members receive strikes (temp bans) instead. 1st Strike: Issue a 3 day temp ban. 2nd Strike: Second Strike carries a temp ban of 1 week. 3rd Strike: Is a permanent ban.

      • Perma-Bans:
        Permanent bans should only apply to hackers, or people who continually go out of their way to cause problems (IE; your last resort to punish someone). As always, any permanent banning of a VIP must be cleared by the Admin team. Remember that if a VIP is being destructive and you cannot be sure how to handle it, that it is within your rights to temporarily ban them until an admin can address the issue. If you ever believe it necessary that a person be IP banned, a member of the admin team can assist with that.

      • General Behavior. Moderators are not expected to act as server police 100% of their play time. But if someone asks for help with grief then you ARE expected to drop whatever you're doing and help them. While moderating, please be respectful, professional, and efficient. If a player is abusing their help requests (constantly bothering you without good reason) you may ask them politely to stop, when/if the player persists, you may then issue them a /warning.

      • Moderator Forum Secrecy. Discussions in the moderator forums are for MODS ONLY. Please do NOT talk about what is being discussed in the mod forums while in-game, in Teamspeak, or any other external chat programs such as steam, skype, facebook, etc unless it is stated that the information can be released publicly. Any moderator who is caught divulging moderator based information (such as the password to the utility) to regular players will be demoted and barred from re-applying.

      • The Forums. Every moderator is expected to check the forums AT LEAST once a week. Checking important posts such as the ban list, the watch list, the ban appeals, etc are vital to staying current on what is happening in the community so that you aren't behind and clueless.

      • Inactivity. If you are going to be away for a long period of time, PLEASE inform everyone of your leave in the inactivity thread here. If you do not post in this thread, after 60 days of inactivity you will be demoted to "retired moderator" in the forums and your actual rank on the server itself. This is not a punishment, simply a tool to ensure that all of our moderation team is up to date. When you return after a 60 days demotion you can contact the admin team about being re-instated (we will check logs to make sure you have indeed been playing again)


      • Unsure What To Do? If you're ever confused about a certain situation, talk with other online moderators or admins about the situation and come to an agreement about what to do or talk about other possible solutions. Most times banning isn't the answer (unless you meant to type balling, cause we love a good b-ball game).