Spheres (Outdated)

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  • Spheres World


    Legacy Worlds are no longer available in-game.
    A copy of Spheres World is currently available for download: Spheres World

    Key Info
    • NO Griefing and Stealing!
    • This world is now in Legacy, only VIPs and above can build here!
    • A world full of spheres! Go out, find an empty one and start your own mini world!
    • Full damage is on
    • Mobs are on excluding creepers
    • 'Legit' world - you must mine and trade for all your resources
    • Map is limited to 4000 x 4000. May sound small, but there are over 17,000 spheres.
    • Nether portals are disabled
    Transport Networks
    • Most spheres are connected by small walkways. Make sure you do not tresspass by going on these!
    Think of our spheres map as the "hardcore survival" difficulty that you've been wanting all this time. Similar to survival in that it has mobs, except with far more empty space than actual land. You'll have to search much further for what few resources you can accumulate, and rely on your fellow players and friends for what you can't find.

    Be careful who's spheres you're on, as PvP rules do not apply here. Griefing, theft and trespassing aren't allowed in any form. Your fellow players may be all that stand between you and an untimely demise.

    Looking for a sphere to claim? You may have to search, yet it will be worth it. To "claim" a sphere, all you must do is place a sign and build on it. After that, it's yours!

    So whether you claim yourself a single sphere or a whole network of them, have fun out there!