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  • Survival World


    Key Info
    • NO Griefing and Stealing!
    • Mobs are on.
    • Full damage is on except PVP damage
    • 'Legit' world - you must mine and trade for all your resources
    • World border set at 25,000
    • Nether portals are enabled!
    • End portals are enabled!
    • VIP, VIP+, and Sponsor only building area surrounding spawn.
    • Shares inventories with Build and Resource Worlds.
    Just like Single Player on Hard - with your friends added in! Take the scenic paths out of spawn, and enter a world of danger as you etch out a living for yourself in this world. If you want to face the challenges of building a wonderful home in a beautiful landscape- while dodging exploding creepers, battling the ever-so-harassing skeletal archers, escaping Endermen, and making your home effectively spider-proof, then this is the world for you!