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  • When on our TeamSpeak server, please follow all applicable Rules from the in-game server. All language must be kept G-rated, just like in-game. This is to prevent accidentally exposing young children to poor vocabulary. Any mention of a hack or mod that you have installed that we do not allow will be reported to moderators, and will also be cause for banning if a Moderator is present.

    You must be respectful to all players, Mods, and Admins while in TeamSpeak, violating this will result in a kick or a ban (including from the server aswell) depending on the severity.

    We have multiple different rooms in TeamSpeak to spread everyone out and keep one room from getting too noisy. A few of them include:

    • A channel for each of our main server Worlds
    • Bitcoin discussions
    • A room for various other Games.
    • VIP / VIP+ (You require the VIP rank in order to join the channel, you may ask a Moderator to assist you.)
    • Sponsor (See the above note for VIP.)
    • An AFK room for you to sit in while you're AFK.
    • Music (You can play music in here)
    • Push to Talk (This channel is strictly "Push to Talk")
    • Moderator & Admin Channels
    • Other miscellaneous rooms

    Please make sure you're in the proper room, if you are not you may be moved to the correct room.

    Moderators have the ability to move you to a different room if you are being disruptive or are not in the right room. This only matters if you are playing a different game than the room is for, and choose to continuously talk about it to the point of bothering other players.

    Please do not be obnoxious. Spamming the chat box, poking other players will get you muted by a Moderator, and continuously leaving and re-entering a rooms will also get you kicked/muted, as this spams the chat box. Making loud, unnecessary noises, or otherwise being rude will be cause for a mute, and in some cases a kick or ban.