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  • TRON City

    ~Minecraft Needs Light-Cycles~


    • World: Creative
    • Location: Creative Spawn City
    • Creator(s): oliverw92 and coffeejunky
    • Transport Links: Central Telepad hub for the creative world. This is located just outside of the Spawn precinct
    • Related/Nearby Places: Not quite in the middle of the world
    This is the official Spawn City for the Creative world. The aim for TRON City was to have a futuristic, angular and attractive city that players can easily explore. Players spawn in The Precinct, nearby is a display showing most of our Creative block types as well as the TeleHub. A series of roadways mark out the building plots which lead up to the innovative circular harbour. If you would like a plot feel free to ask oliverw92 or coffeejunky in-game.

    The building requirements for the city are as follows -
    • Structures should have a modern appearance and be aesthetically pleasing.
    • There is a limited range of building materials you can choose from. These include:
      • Smooth halfstep/Double smooth halfstep (43/44)
      • Glass (20)
      • Mid-Blue Wool (35:3)
      • Iron Blocks (42)
      • Stone (1)
      • Ice (79)
      • White Wool (35)
      • Black Wool (35:15)
      • Gray Wool (35:7)