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    A Basic Guide

    Where do I build a shop?

    Currently shops must be created on the world called Shops. See the entry on the Shops world for more information. The Shops World is divided into plots. You will need to choose one of the available plots and have an Administrator allocate the plot to you.

    To request a plot, choose a free plot (smooth stone slabs) and file a /ticket. An administrator will allocate the plot to you as soon as possible.

    Occupied plots are surrounded by quartz slabs.

    Creating a New Shop

    A stick and any variant of slab are required to create a shop.

    Place a slab down in your plot, and right click with a stick. A GUI should appear, which then you choose the item from your inventory that you would like to buy/sell.

    From here you will be able to decide the quantity, buying price, and/or the selling price, of the item that you are placing in the shop.

    ushops 2.PNG

    Left-Clicking on the green/red glass pane lowers the buying/selling price.

    Right-Clicking on the green/red glass pane raises the buying/selling price.

    Note: Setting the value to $0 makes the shop unable to buy or sell, depending on which option you choose.

    The quantity option lets you choose how much of the item you intend to buy or sell.

    The “rate” option changes the number that your left or right-clicking performs when clicking on one of the panes.

    Click the Nether Star when you are satisfied with your new shop.

    Depositing and Withdrawing Items

    ushops 3.PNG

    By right clicking on the new shop, you can Deposit up to 3400 Stacks of your designated item when the shop is set to a selling one, by clicking on the chest minecart.

    You can also Withdraw any items people may have sold to you, by clicking on the hopper minecart, as long as the shop is enabled to buy.

    (Shift clicking allows bulk deposit and withdrawal.)

    Modifying the current shop is possible from this menu by clicking the redstone comparator.

    You can also view the shop as if you were a customer by clicking the sign.

    Deleting a Shop

    There are two ways to perform this:
    • Right-click the current shop with a stick and select “Destroy Shop” in the GUI.
    • OR
    • Make sure your cross-hair is pointing at the shop, and type /ushop destroy. This brings up the same GUI.

    Use /ushops help for a list of all the plugin commands, if needed.