VIP Vaults

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      Armor Stand Editor
      Bottomless Chest
      Head Database
      Build v4
         Flying Scotsman Train
         Forbidden City
         Grave Yard
         Las Vegas
         Olympus Cove
         Oriental Xpress
      Legacy Hardcore
      PVP v4
      Spheres (Outdated)
      Survival v1
         Sky Castle
      Rei's MiniMap
         Data Values
   Public Warps
      Ban Appeals
      TeamSpeak Help Videos
      TeamSpeak Rules
      Finding Screenshots
      Invisible Blocks
      Obsidian & Lava
         Lost Land
         TRON City
         World Tree
         Flatlands Explained
         King of the Ladder
         Mayan Challenge
      Nether Worlds
      Shops World
      The End Worlds
      VIP Vaults
      Bitcoin Information
      World Maps
  • VIP Vaults are being phased out!!! Move your items to your new /chest

    VIP Vaults

    The mods have secured this slice of limbo to store your items in... that is if you are VIP.


    Little is known about this dimension except that it has the remarkable ability to protect your items from map resets. If you are VIP just ask any Moderator in-game to obtain access to one of these magical rooms.