Donate to Become a MinecraftCC VIP

NOTE: Please put the IN-GAME NAME to be upgraded in the email field when donating Bitcoins! Use a fake email address for now (example

VIP donations help keep the server alive. Because of donations from members of the community, we have been able to upgrade our server from a lowly AMD single-core with 1GB of ram and standard 7200 RPM HDD to a monster machine with a quad core i7, 24GB of ram, server-class NIC, and four SSDs.

We strive to give VIP's benefits that offer convenience and extra Features, while also keeping the playing field level for PvP. We do not want to have an environment that might be considered "pay to win". But, there are still lots of great perks you get for donating towards the cost of the server!

Donations are accepted through Paypal and Bitcoin. Please use the "Donate Bitcoins" button above to donate with Bitcoins. Be sure to include your username in the email field instead of your email!

VIP - What you get for $15 USD (around £12)
  • Reserved slot
  • Ability to protect your buildings with a protection field. (Disabled on pvp!)
  • 15 Private warps to use between all Worlds except PvP
  • Able to request a teleport to another player with /tpc
  • Cool blue name ingame
  • Cool blue name on forums
  • Access to Vip section on forum and Vip Mumble channel
  • Ability to create a clan in PvP
  • Ability to transfer inventories on a map change if inventory transfers are allowed.
VIP+ - What you get for $30 USD (around £24)
  • All of the above
  • Double payout of BTC per block when mining or placing blocks.
  • 30 Private Warps instead of 15
  • 5 homes instead of 3
  • Upon Death you drop a chest to contain your items that is locked for up to 1 hour. In Clans world your chest is not locked.
  • Special dark-blue name ingame
Sponsor - What you get for $60 USD (around £48)
  • Everything included in the VIP and VIP+ perk lists
  • Gold name in-game and on the forum.
  • Sponsor chat channel in-game
  • Sponsors get 60 private warps
  • Sponsors have the ability to create public warps
  • Sponsor-only lounge in Survival world in-game
  • NOTE: To become a Sponsor, you must also have been a part of the community (registered on the forum) for at least 3 months.

NOTE: Please put your IN-GAME NAME in the email field when donating Bitcoins!

Please put a note in the paypal donation with your in-game player name! This helps us get you your VIP access much more quickly! If you forget, then contact SgtSpike on the forums with your in-game name and the email address you donated from.
Aug 11, 2014
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