Eight Worlds. Which One to Choose?

We are lucky enough on our server to have the resources available to run multiple worlds. There are 8 active worlds in total, including a secret world you have to find. Please ensure you have read the Rules - most worlds are the same but some have variations, such as our PVP maps.
All worlds on our server can be accessed through the Atrium. Normally, to get to the Lobby, type /lobby. If you cannot get back to the Lobby, type /spawn to go to the spawn point of your current world, then exit through the portal. These are normally made of glowstone and water.


NOTE: To Build in Creative you need Builder privileges.
Creative: Self-explanatory. Griefing will get you banned, as usual.
Survival: A regular Survival world with hostile mobs.
Build: A world with no damage or hostile mobs, free to Build. This world is legit.
Games: Spleef, CTF, Bombs, and Archery Ranges.
FACTIONS: Team with friends and fight your enemies in epic wars! Griefing allowed in Factions.

Legacy Worlds are no longer available in-game.
Maps are available for download: Legacy Worlds
Jun 14, 2014
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